CTF4 - GUN wins 570 to 75

CTF8 - GUN wins 913 to 20

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Quake Elite Domination Tournament - Our first game in the 'big' tourney wasn't too bad. Things were a little messy as usual with people dropping and stuff, but the machine was definitely clicking in this match. Zero dropped during the match on CTF4, so I came in to take his place halfway through the game.. Man, aside from the lag, it was a really fun game. In the next level, we played CTF8 and had to play a 3 vs 3 since an XS player had to leave. Anyway, our guys played great on both levels and really started this tourney off on the right foot. I hope we continue this pace. Thanks to Xtreme Supremacy for being a cool group of guys as well. We hope that more competitors can be more like them.