No Pic for CTF1 Match

CTF1 - WA wins ? to ?

CTF4 - GUN wins 107 to 34

CTF5 - WA wins 374 to 129

GUN Loses!
1 - 2

Match Info
Frag and Tag 2 - LPB - Well, despite losing I think we did fairly well. It's not everyday that you play 3 quality clans combined and take a game from them. :) But to be quite honest, we beat WA when we played at their level as GQ, so I feel comfortable in saying we're still the better team. It would be different if they actually 'grew' to be a good team, but instead they chose to merge several good clans in hope for instant success. Because of this attitude, and lack of respect for all the other clans that actually have worked for their success, I will always consider WA a second-class clan. Fortunately there are still several old and respectable clans, such as FLAG! and EarthQuake, to keep the game fun and interesting.