CTF2M8 - GUN wins 761 to 56

CTF2M8 - GUN wins 973 to 177

2 - 0

Match Info
Capture the Flag League - This is our first CTFL game we've played since our break-up of GQ. I wasn't totally sure of how we would do, but I figured we would do well after watching our match with VII. I must say, I think it was a good move breaking up the alliance. Both teams had gotten a point where we were getting lazy and wouldn't work for the win. But, in this game I could tell we worked very hard for the win. Like our last LPB match with VII, we were heavily outpinged, but we played hard and won big against TRG. Great job to our LPB's for playing like they're capable of playing. I hope we continue to put as much effort into games as we have been. It definitely makes games that much more exciting, and the effort gives you something good to look back on.