CTF1 - GUN wins 382 to 57

CTF4 - GUN wins 451 to 44

CTF8 - GUN wins 528 to 34

GUN Wins!
3 - 0

Match Info
This was our first match in a long time where the majority of players were on modem. Actually, the match was scheduled to be an all HPB match, but we ended up matching their ISDN guy for the first two games so he could play. Overall, I think the game went very well, and shows a lot of promise for our HPB guys in the future. I know I had a really good time playing on modem and against the Shred Co. guys. DM and I had the opportunity to play against a few of them at the last Ohio-LanFest and had a blast. Anyway, I'm hoping we can get together with these guys again sometime soon. Who knows.. maybe we can get together with them at the next Ohio-LanFest :).