The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF4 - GQ wins 639 to 31

GQ Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
Arrising Death II - HPB - HPB Division Championship Game - Jeez.. Yes, I'm glad we ended up winning the HPB division championship, but.. I still can't get over playing on QuakeWorld. Ugh, I just don't understand how anyone can actually enjoy playing on that crap.. Oh well.. Anyway, for our first match *ever* in QuakeWorld, I'd have to say we broke into it with style. Not only was this a championship game and our first time playing on QuakeWorld as a team, we played minus our seventh player who never showed.. I still don't know how we did it. To be quite honest, it was really hard to tell what was going on. Heh, even JT and I didn't know the game had started until about 5 minutes after it began. Anyways, I'm really proud of our guys for stepping up to this. This was something we weren't normally accustomed to and we handled it quite well. Way to go! Excellent job on winning our first HPB title! Woohoo! :)