The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF2M1 - GQ wins 646 to 389

GQ Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
Arrising Death II - LPB - LPB Division Championship Game - Woohoo! This was the first championship match we've played in and we are very fortunate to have come out on top. We knew going in that we'd have the ping disadvantage, and after the start of the game it became even more painfully obvious that we were taking a risk with Ness and I (Cyber) having trouble with our ping spiking for a good part of the game. Thankfully, the rest of the guys were able to execute their game strategy *very* well, and gave us a comfortable enough lead to win. Great game guys! Also, RB did an excellent job as well. It's very obvious that RB has alot of talent, and that they've been deathmatching for awhile.. But, when it comes to CTF, our experience became the deciding factor in this game. Anyway, thanks for a terrific game RB. We look forward to playing you guys again soon.