CTF2M1 - GUN wins 347 to 223

CTF2M3 - QS wins 860 to 8

1 - 1

Match Info
MQF CTF4 Tournament - Semi Final - LPB Squad - I originally counted this match as a loss, but have since re-thought my decision and consider it a tie. My reason for this is the fact that we've always played level by level and determined the winner as the one who won the best out of how many levels played. Coupled with the knowledge that some levels tend to favor lopsided scores (such as ctf2m3), it strengthens my belief that the winner should be decided by levels won and not by cumulative score. Unfortunately the tournament went by points, and I respect their decision that QS had won. But, considering that both of us won 1 level a piece (actually we had won ctf2m1 twice, but only had the second win count due to complications), WE consider this match a tie. :)