Clan Nomad


The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF4 - GQ wins 931 to 19

GQ Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
Arrising Death II - LPB - Well, I don't know that much about this game other than it went by really quick. Heh. Well, it seems that Nomad wasn't prepared to play in the LPB division of the tourney, and had to play with a couple of HPB's. Apparently they started dropping after awhile, but not that I can blame them that much. It's not like their going against some of the best LPB CTF players around or anything.. :) Well, good job to our guys for taking care of business, and thanks to the members of Clan Nomad that were honorable enough to fight it out to the bitter end. I really wish there were more players like you guys.