The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF4 - NBI wins 185 to 34

CTF2M2 - NBI wins 339 to 207

GQ Loses!
0 - 2

Match Info
Capture the Flag League - Ack! This was definitely NOT GQ at it's best. I think we got too used to walking over teams that we pretty much quit putting any effort into practice. And it shows.. I mean, not any disrespect to NBI or anything, because they are a GOOD clan.. But, if we had played like I KNOW we can, we wouldn't have come close to losing. We're just starting to get too lazy.. We've forgotten what it took to get where we were in the first place. Maybe this will be a good kick in our ass to wake us up. Welp.. Thanks to NBI for playing a good game. I knew you guys were gonna come out and play hard :). Just wish that others on our team would've listened..