CTF8 - GUN wins 407 to 331

CTF4 - GUN wins 328 to 47

CTF1 - GUN wins 476 to 126

GUN Wins!
3 - 0

Match Info
For our first CTF match, I don't believe we did too bad. The first level was definitely the best. NBI came out ready to play, and gave us a very hard time. They managed to take the lead twice as both sides vied for control, but once we got settled, we were able to hold the lead for the rest of game. For the next two levels, our clan was unstoppable. Some of the best team efforts I've seen yet in a clan match. Excellent job guys! Thanks to NBI for a good challenge as well. These guys are awesome players, so don't underestimate them. If any other clan thinks that they can take the NBI clan after looking at our scores against them, think again, 'cause you might just get your butts kicked... really, really bad. :)