Black Magik

CTF1 - GUN wins 288 to 18

GUN Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
Quake Elite Domination Tournament - Hmmm. Lot's of bitching in this game.. Can't we all just get along? :) Hehe. Man.. I dunno what it is about MGK, but there always seems to be some problem that we run into when we play them. Last time it was the servers being bogged down because of people using Qtracker/Qspy to monitor the match. This time they had some imposter join in as GLG on their team if you can believe it or not. Anyway, we may yet have to play these guys once again, although I'm hoping we can work around it. Well, gg again to our guys. No matter how many times we gotta play MGK, I know I can count on our effort to be the same everytime we do play them.