Clan Legends

CTF1 - LGD wins 231 to 72

CTF4 - GUN wins 80 to 37

CTF8 - GUN wins 395 to 200

GUN Wins!
2 - 1

Match Info
Man, this had to of been one of the most frustrating matches I've played in, but at the same time it was very exciting and fun. Weird eh? Well, the frustrating part was finding a server, and playing like crap on the first level (ctf1). LGD took us apart on that map. Both of us seemed to be doing good on D, but they were doing a little bit better on O than we were. For the second map (ctf4), we were in the middle of a really close game, then all of a sudden the server crashed. So, we had to go find another server to play on. Once we did, we replayed the mines and played extremely well defensively, and were able to prevail because of it. For the last level (CTF8), they weren't able to stop us after we got started. After getting our confidence back, we showed off our skillz, and totally outplayed LGD on ctf8. I know that a lot of us were getting really bad lag on this level, but it was very fun. Some of the better team efforts from our clan in awhile. It seemed that everytime one of the LGD guys was about to cap, we had someone to snag their flag right before they could. It was fun playing these guys. They are extremely talented and I'm looking forward to a rematch.