CTF1 - GUN wins 287 to 97

CTF5 - GUN wins 274 to 200

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Frag 'n' Tag 3 - W00p! Man.. I can't tell you how much of a refreshing game this was for us. Definitely a game with a lil' bit of needed attitude, hehe. IG was pretty much favored to win this match, which isn't really a suprise since we've been sucking for the past couple of months, heh. Anyway.. we took CTF1 and put a little dent in IG's confidence, but perhaps the coolest part was winning against them on CTF5. Apparently CTF5 was a level that IG was undefeated on.. Everyone was a bit suprised when we ended up winning this one, but there were some good effort's on our part. Infectious was doing some hard-core D on CTF5 for 2 games in a row, while Fixy was whoring it up on CTF1. Great games guys. Let's keep it up.