CTF1 - HiFi wins 190 to 171

CTF5 - GUN wins 463 to 415

CTF2M3 - HiFi wins 436 to 230

GUN Loses!
1 - 2

Match Info
Aftershock CTF Tournament - I can't explain this match any better than what Fixy wrote us in an email about it. Here it is:


The finals were HIFI vs. GUN, and we lost 2-1. But, there's something to be explained therein.. With 8 minutes and 44 seconds to go in the first game, GUN was playing HIFI's map pick: CTF1. The map they're supposedly able to OWN beyond anyone else coming back or even getting a frag. At the afore mentioned time index it was GUN up by 60 points, all the runes in our posession, and that special "flow" of the game happening between us (quad timed, pimpage on the LG platform, sniper in the bunker.. str on D..)

And then disaster struck. Well, for us. For HIFI, it was a miracle. Some LLAMA organizer who was leaving early was disconnecting his computer and he fucking managed to disconnected HIFI's hub from the big aftershock LAN. GODDAMNIT! We paused within 10 seconds, but HIFI refused to join back in, GHOST code to their previous positions, and continue. In the end it was decided that we would continue, but GUN lost a cap (45 frags) since they claimed we capped in the 10 seconds they were disconnected and not paused. Lame. And on top of it, HIFI unpauses the game so I lose my resist in the water drowning while I'm over talking to them trying to figure out what to do. When we started back up, HIFI got resist, stormed the base with quad, and capped for the win by 25-30 frags. Lame. No fucking comment.

Then it was CTF5. We pimped this level with maximum ownage. Well, until the last 4 minutes when HIFI, down 400 points, capped like 7 times in 3 minutes. With 10 seconds to go it was Dungo about 5 steps from the flag, about to cap for 45 points, with us only up 43 points (ie: if they cap, they win by 2 points) when Strahd rips apart their 2x, their resist and hooks dungo in the back, killing him with his flag in sight. GUN wins.

Then it was Spill the Blood. Everyone, including HIFI, seemed to dread playing this level. Sigh. No matter what happens, one team is going to get the beat down. BEcause one team will lock down quad + runes, and that's it. HIFI spawned with STR and RESIST in their base. They locked down Quad. We lost. Nothing much else too it.

There were no hard feelings between HIFI and GUN, infact we all went to a donut shop (country style Strahd!) and talked for about an hour.. T'was great fun.

On another note.. I just checked the Aftershock web BBS.. Here's what a llama-loser DM'er that was sitting in the row between ourselves and CGIB/BB had to say about us CTF'ers:

"The people were all cool, except those faggot Q1 CTFers that sat in front and behind me screaming out obscenities every two seconds. I think they should have been thrown out. Total losers."

Haha. When a games get heated, you can distinctly hear "FUCK! He;s got QUAD!" and "GOD DAMNIT! DOn't steal my red armour!" hehehe. Oh well.