CTF1 - HellFire wins 208 to 71

CTF4 - GUN wins 255 to 82

CTF8 - GUN wins 1128 to 228

GUN Wins!
2 - 1

Match Info
As uneven as the point spread is, I believe that HellFire did and excellent job. They played tremendous defense and really caught us off guard in the first game by it, keeping our guys from getting a capture the entire game. However, on the second, we began to wake up and take control by playing some defense of our own, and by getting enough captures to make up for the previous game. By the third, you could definitely tell who the better team was. We pretty much shut them down the entire final match, allowing HellFire only a couple of captures. This game wasn't as smooth as I would've liked it to be; there was some trash-talking from both sides which I really didn't care for, but.... no trash-talking can change the final score :). Good job guys!