The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF2M1 - GQ wins 514 to 27

CTF2M1 - GQ wins 730 to 30

GQ Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Capture the Flag League - Man, what's up with these teams that play HPB's in an LPB league? :) Heh, to be quite honest we basically played ghetto LPB vs HPB.. And despite our score against them, I can't say that they did all that bad. I know if I was playing with a 200+ ping against sub 100 (and very talented) players, there wouldn't be much that I could do. So, good job to Ghetto in that respect. And they didn't bitch about it either, which was cool. I did notice that they seem to be a little inexperienced playing CTF though. They used alot of DM tactics, which hurt them a good bit. If these guys can get their CTF teamplay down, I can imagine them being pretty good.. Anyway, good job to our guys. We fielded two totally separate teams and kicked it with both. For Newb... NAILS!!! :)