CTF2M1 - GUN wins 166 to 121

CTF2M3 - FLAG! wins 243 to 232

CTF1 - FLAG! wins 287 to 80

GUN Loses!
1 - 2

Match Info
Well, for our second match against these guys, I think we showed a lot of improvement. We ended up losing 2 games to one, but in my opinion, both of our clans are very close to being equal. Both clans played some excellent games. For the first 2 games, the lead switched back and forth, and both clans played really close games. For the third, our guys started off great, keeping the score really close for about the first half of the game. Unfortunately, Flag! was able to break our defense and dominated the rest of the game because we could never get back on track. Flag! has an awesome clan, and I believe we will be close to their level very soon. Hopefully we can get together and play some more matches against these guys. They are some excellent competitors, who play CTF like it was meant to be played.. with solid teamwork.