CTF4 - FLAG! wins 487 to 94

CTF8 - FLAG! wins 710 to 194

E4M5 - GUN wins 174 to 159

GUN Loses!
1 - 2

Match Info
Well, you know it was bound to happen sometime. Flag is considered by many to be the best, so it's only fitting that we lose to someone as good as them. They played extremely well and deserve their win, but considering our ping disadvantage for the first two matches (it was an average of about 100ms difference in their favor), it was more of their ping that killed us than them. It could've been avoided, but I decided for us to go ahead and play knowing our disadvantage at the time. However, the last match we came back to our server (the one we originally suggested) and everyone had similar pings, even though it was a bit more laggy than the first server we played on. With even pings in the last match, we ended up winning 174 to 159. However, Capt got cut off during the match and only had 1 frag to show for in the final pic. One of their guys got pissed and left before the last match was over also (guess he couldn't handle fair conditions :). Anyway, I think we did good considering the spot we were in. I'm planning on getting a rematch with these guys as soon as possible. The next time we play there will be EVEN pings the whole duration of ALL matches. Plus, we'll have Strahd and Dank in the lineup full-time and FLAG! will know very well the feeling of looking down the barrel of our GUNS. ;) hehehe