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Clan Files

Name Author Description
CTF3 Secrets
Strahd Demos made by Strahd showing the secrets from all of the original CTF3.0 levels. If you just started playing CTF and need to catch up on some of the older maps, this will help you get started.
CTF4 Secrets
Demos made by Strahd and Dank showing all the secrets for the CTF4 levels. If you're still wondering where someone got that pent or quad from, or if you just want to make sure you got all of the secrets, then check 'em out.
CTF Plus!
the DM
CTF Plus! is a Threewave CTF modification, designed by former Gunslinger, the_DM, with the help of Climber and DarkVein. This mod offers a plethora of improvements upon the CTF4.21 codebase. It includes: visible weapons, built in competition and camera modes, teleporting items, floating gibs, bug fixes and many other enhancements to CTF.
Nessus This program fixes netquake demos with middemo level changes. Probable fixes for max_msglen errors, when the demo doesn't even start, and when quake crashes when you play the demo. The program can also extract single level sections of a demo, and it can also be used to extract a log from the demo.
Strahd Demoren is a program that, in conjunction with a batch file and an adjustment or two to your quake.cfg files, will let you record a demo everytime you start up Quake, then upon exit, automatically fix the level transitions of the demo (using Demfix0r) and rename them to a relatively unique filename so they won't be overwritten. This is all without you doing anything.
cyber Nothing fancy about this.. Just a convenient compilation of all the Threewave CTF 3.0 and 4.0 levels, and 4.21 server code put together by cyber. Also included: LOC CTF3Mx levels, Kings of Capture CTF level by Zoid (koc1.bsp) and The Cheat Complex CTF level by Dungo (cheatc.bsp). Even a handy demo.cfg is included for watching all the cool demos on this CD Archive. :)
LOC Secrets
Strahd Demos made by Strahd showing all the secrets from the League of Capture (LOC) CTF levels. A must have for learning the new levels!
Qtracker v2.2
the DM An excellent server browser/finder utility designed by former Gunslinger, the_DM, for finding games on the 'net or over LAN. Supports some of the best FPP games out, including: Blood II, Half-Life, Heretic II, Hexen II, HexenWorld, Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake II, Shogo: Mobile Armor Division, SIN, Unreal and X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter.
Qtracker Mapshots the DM Mapshots for all the current games that Qtracker2.2 supports: Hexen II (666k), Half-Life(132k), Jedi Knight(187k), Mysteries of the Sith(155k), Quake(1.16MB), Quake II(695k), Shogo(320k), & Unreal(90k). Just unzip them all into your Qtracker/Mapshots directory in order to use them.
GUN CTF School
The Gunslingers Demos made by Strahd and Text files written up by Nessus giving tips on what to do in clan matches on most of the CTF3.0 and CTF4.0 levels. Strategies contributed by several Gunslingers over the course of our reign as CTF champs in the Quake CTF community :). If you want to know what our strats were (most are still used), then check this out.

Quake Files

Name Description
Demoplay v2.1
Demoplay allows you to play Quake, QuakeWorld, Quake 2, Hexen II, and Sin Demo files from the Windows 95/98/NT shell. It was created because there seemed to be no way to make a demo file association directly with the quake executable. Demoplay runs completely unnoticed between Windows and the demo file, so all your demos are just a double-click away. (Excellent for viewing demos on this archive! Although you may need to spend a little time setting up the config..)
FAQ Proxy v1.03
FAQ-Proxy is a Quake proxy. It is a program that acts as a bridge between a Quake client and a Quake server. For the Quake client it looks like a server, and you connect to it like you would connect to a Quake server. Once connected you can give commands to the proxy to change settings or connect it to a real Quake server. You can run the proxy on the same machine as you run the Quake client, or you can run it on any other machine that is in the same network as the server and the client. You can also run the proxy on a firewall machine to allow Quake clients behind the firewall to connect to internet servers.
GL Quake v.97
The latest version of the OpenGL enhanced executable for Quake. Only for people with voodoo1 or faster 3d accelerator cards.
The final version of the Windows executable for Quake. A must have if you don't have a 3d accelerator card.