CTF1 - EQ wins 99 to 70

CTF8 - EQ wins 890 to 78

GUN Loses!
0 - 2

Match Info
The Capture Tourney - Yikes.. Another game filled with connect problems for us. Suprisingly we made CTF1 somewhat close, but once we got into the open area of CTF8, it was all over. I don't think I've ever heard of us having so much problems with our connect in one game.. I saw all of our members complain about packet loss at least once! Hehe. While Strahd and Fixy were struggling with the pl, Nessus was apparently not seeing any frames before he died, and Grendel was having a hard time just staying on the server. Eventually Nessus got kinda pissed and left. I normally don't care for this, but it's something I DO understand. It's not really fun having to play against people with solid connects. Especially when you see someone, the icon comes up, then a few seconds later you see yourself on the ground dead and you wonder what just happened. Oh well, EQ has a good team. Definitely the best team they've had in awhile I think. I still think we could've given them the beatdown on a good day though ;). Welp, good game guys. Hopefully our next match will be somewhat playable..