CTF1 - GUN wins 411 to 163

CTF4 - GUN wins 413 to 386

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
This would have to be one our better matches in awhile. While we clearly dominated the first level, EQ stepped up in the second and were neck and neck with us for the entire game. At one point, I thought they would end up winning. But, as the last few minutes ticked away, Merq (who's usually all d) stepped up and capped to give us the win. I think that EQ did a great job of keeping our defense off balance in the last game, and because of it they were able to do a much better job than in the first game. Anyway, our guys did a great job both matches; Shutting down EQ in the first match on Mckinley, and basically playing without a base and winning on the Forgotten Mines level in the second. Awesome job guys! Thanks to EQ for a great match. Hopefully we will get a chance to knock heads again soon.