(clans EGO, GUN and HiFi)

Nosferatu = Strahd GUN
Tsurugi = Nessus GUN
Wack/SN = HIFI>Soulnet
Lord God = [EGO]Deth

CTF2M3 - EGH wins 531 to 42

EGH Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
DCCON 4 CTF Tournament - Despite the score, these guys were pretty good. At the start of the game, both teams got each other's flag and pretty much played deathmatch for about 5 minutes or so it seemed. Finally, we were able to get our flag back and ended up establishing the pace of the game. Once we got our defense solidified with doubleD, it was pretty much all over for DP. DP is supposed to be one of the best QW CTF clans out there, and they definitely proved that they have the skills despite playing in an environment (normal Quake) that they weren't used to. Good game to Dog Pound, and a very good game to our guys for winning our first 'official' LAN match! W00p!