CheatC - DC wins 164 to 142

CheatC - GUN wins 287 to 55

CheatC - GUN wins 159 to 126

GUN Wins!
2 - 1

Match Info
Tourney for Cheaters - Round 3 - Phew! These were some close matches. DC started out each game very quickly, gaining the lead in each. I think from the first game, we were a little shocked at how good these guys were. They ended up getting all the runes and an early lead in the first game, and were able to hold on to it by playing some awesome defense for the rest of the match. We were able to get a pretty comfortable lead in the second game and win fairly easily, but in the third DC came back again. This time was the same as the first; they got the lead early, then sat on defense. However, we were eventually able to get through their D to bring the winning cap home. I'd like to thank DC for some awesome games. I'm not totally fond of their strategy (getting a lead, then going almost all d), but it definitely slowed us down. Good job to our guys as well. Just when I thought we were about to lose it, we were able to pull through. I'm definitely looking forward to more games like these in the future (although I hope that they will be somewhat less laggy).