The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF4 - GQ wins 196 to 94

CTF2M1 - GQ wins 2105 to 47

GQ Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Arrising Death II - LPB - Well, this 7 on 7 lpb match was harder to set up than the 7 on 7 hpb match we had against THC if you can believe it or not. It took aproximately 5 hrs before we were able to play the first game. I think we went through a couple of servers and sucked up all their bandwidth before finally crashing them :). Anyway, we finally agreed to play on two different servers, with the first being one where DA/7 got the better pings and the next where we got the better pings. Once we finally started going our guys played a smart game on CTF4 and won despite being heavily outpinged. When we got back on our server, it was obvious that DA/7 couldn't handle us once we got the advantage. After all that's said and done, I'd have to say that it was pretty fun. The members from clan Seven were pretty cool. Anyway, congrats to our guys and Qusaders. We rock together! :)