CTF4 - GUN wins 283 to 52

CTF2M1 - GUN wins 377 to 290

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Some more good efforts from our HPB squad. Playing with one man down for a good part of the first and second game as well, our guys were able to turn it up and make some good things happen. Unfortunately, JT got lagged out near the end of both levels.. that's why he isn't listed in the scores. We were losing on the Station after he had dropped a first time, but when he came back we were able to regain our lead and go on to win it. Good job to the Deth Clownz clan. They put up some good efforts, while even beating us on CTF2M1 for a short while. Also, thanks to our HPB's for putting up some good efforts. Even when they were down a man, they still kept the game alive. Excellent job guys.