Pics from the second Deathfest in Ohio..

The Gunslingers.. From left to right: Nessus, Speed, Strahd, cyber and the_DM

A clearer group shot of da slingas.. From left to right: Nessus, Strahd, cyber, Speed and the_DM

Strahd striking up his GQ pose

a pic of cyber's balding head

Speed and Strahd showing their nerdliness :)

Nessus up close

Nessus finds his GQ pose

cyber goes for his sexy pose

Speed after he's played too much Quake :)

Strahd up close

Strahd and Speed doing some dm on Rangerbase, as Nessus and cyber watch

a shot of Dank taking it easy

JamesTowN's paranoid license pic

Gimp's infamous license plate

Jenga playing some Doom

Jenga and his rock'n'roll star pose

Miniature pic of Fumunda

Thrill and his artistic pic

cyber up close

Jenga sez: "w00d is g00d"

Some shots of Gimp in Hawaii

Some shots of Newbie at Columbia