CTF1 - Gun/Hifi wins 96 to 62

CTF5 - Gun/Hifi wins 444 to 103

Gun/Hifi Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Respawn CTF Tournament - Damn.. talk about familiar games.. These games seemed almost identical to the games we played against ZZZ (although a little bit closer overall); CTF1 was very close, then CTF5 we picked it up another notch and won fairly easily. I'm thinking it's not really that we don't play CTF1 that well.. It just seems the map is so well-known right now, that people almost play it like a deathmatch level. CTF5 on the other hand is a little bit harder to do that with, and definitely leans toward teams with more CTF oriented skills. Anyway, these were some really good games. I'm very proud that our guys were able to get their second straight LAN title. Fucking awesome dudes! :)