(clans EGO, GUN and HiFi)

Nosferatu = Strahd GUN
Tsurugi = Nessus GUN
Wack/SN = HIFI>Soulnet
Lord God = [EGO]Deth

CTF5 - EGH wins 395 to 114

EGH Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
DCCON 4 CTF Tournament - This was much more of an intense match than the score would indicate.. All of our guys were on top of their game, and played almost flawlessly as a team. That kind of teamplay was definitely needed for this match, because Krusty from CGIB was *completely* on fire. I've never seen one guy make so much of an impact for one's team like he did for CGIB. It was almost EGH vs Krusty, hehe. Anyway.. with our victory against CGIB, we walked away as winners of the DCCON4 CTF tournament. Fucking awesome! LAN CHAMPS BIOTCH! W00t! W00t! ;)