The Gunslingers/Qusaders Alliance

CTF2M3 - CDI wins 528 to 59

CTF1 - GQ wins 234 to 116

CTF5 - GQ wins 623 to 146

2 - 1

Match Info
Capture the Flag League - Sigh. Yet another game that we obviously didn't prepare for. CDI is an obviously good team, but I don't think we even touched our potential in these games. The first game Strahd and Nessus had gotten disconnected, but I honestly don't think it would've mattered had they not been. In second game we started to do a little better, but still played like crap. The last game we finally started to play like we should've been able to the whole time. It's almost like we all just got out of bed and decided to play our game against CDI :). Hopefully we'll do better next time though... If not, I think I may go insane.