CTF2M1 - GUN wins 561 to 136

CTF2M3 - GUN wins 517 to 46

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
MQF CTF4 Tournament - Round 1 - HPB Squad - For the first *real* clan tournament, I must say that we did a good job. Playing on the new CTF4 levels was much more fun than I thought they might be, and having a chance to play in a meaningful clan match made it much more enjoyable. It was rough getting started and getting everyone's pings evened up, but once we did, we controlled both matches pretty easily. CD showed that they had talent, and managed to hold our flag for a long time during the second match before finally losing it. Our defense and offensive played equally well. Each doing their job almost flawlessly. Good job guys! I'm really looking forward to the second round.