The Communist Party

CTF2M1 - GUN wins 344 to 121

CTF1 - GUN wins 232 to 165

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
Capture the Flag League - Playoffs - Damn.. This was definitely one game to remember. Coming into this game I didn't think we had much of a chance. It was well-known that CCCP had an awesome LPB team; we even knew it from the last time we played them. Considering us having to field JT(one of our HPB's), Strahd's connect being almost in the modem range, and the fact that all of CCCP were on T3 connects.. the odds were *really* stacked against us. But.. somehow we managed to do it :). And we did it quite well.. winning 2-0 over the heavily favored CCCP in one of the more exciting games we've played in a long time. Congrats to our guys for pulling out this win. You guys kick ass :).