CTF2M2 - GUN wins 482 to 120

CTF2M3 - GUN wins 655 to 25

GUN Wins!
2 - 0

Match Info
MQF CTF4 Tournament - Round 1 - LPB Squad - Well, this wasn't exactly an all LPB match, but it was fun nevertheless. CC didn't have enough LPBs to field for a 4 vs 4, so we both played with 3 LPBs and 1 HPB a piece to make it even. CC showed a lot of heart, and are a group of really cool guys. As for our guys... each of them played extremely well. I was very impressed with everyone's effort. We started off slow on the first game, but then turned it up a notch on the second. Hopefully we will be able to continue this pace throughout the rest of the tournament. Go GUNS! :)