CTF2M1 - BSF wins 278 to 202

CTF2M2 - BSF wins 248 to 85

GUN Loses!
0 - 2

Match Info
The Blender Tournament - Grrr. If we had another chance to play this game over again, I think the outcome would've been much different. We just made alot of dumb mistakes on Station. We had a chance to win it, but.. Due to a little luck from BSF by getting (and keeping) the Strength rune on D, and some exceptional play from BSF Gunner (someone I didn't expect to tear us apart like he did), BSF was able to win. Warzone was another story altogether.. Apparently we decided to take away 1 HPB from each team in favor of another LPB.. This did more harm than anything for us, since BSF's LPB's are on T3 connects and our guys are on crappy T1's or worse. Anyway, the connects prevailed on Warzone. Sigh. This is not a match I care to remember. Time to think back on our LAN game with BSF.. :P