CTF1 - GUN wins 172 to 123

CTF5 - BSF wins 432 to 178

1 - 1

Match Info
First off, I'd like to say that I'm getting tired of playing with clans that absolutely will not play unless they have sub 100 pings. I have no objections to playing an LPB match with 200+ pings, as long as the pings between both clans are fair. I feel that BSF is obviously a talented clan, but when their best guy's ping is floating close to LAN speed and our guys pings were constantly going in the modem range (200+), it becomes very hard to keep up. Anyway, we were able to win the first match based off excellent teamplay, but lost then second due to a combination of not having a strategy and playing with a disadvantage. Even though BSF won by a total frag count, I can't say that they are the better team. So, as of now, I'm considering this match as a tie. I would like to play these guys again soon to decide who the winner is, although next time we meet, we'll have to have equal playing conditions for both teams.