CTF1 - GUN wins ? to ?

CTF1 - BB wins 152 to 117

CTF2M3 - BB wins 471 to 210

GUN Loses!
1 - 2

Match Info
Quake Elite Domination Tournament - Yet another game we should've won easily.. We actually handled BB pretty well in our CTF1 match with them, when we had our normal HPB lineup. Unfortunately I can't seem to find a pic for that match though.. Anyway, after several of our HPB players had left, we were forced to play this game with a substandard team. Speed was normally an LPB and played this match on modem with little experience of what the lag is like.. Coupled with my connect being as useless as it's been for the past several months (constant ping spiking of 5000+) and Zer0 and Relentless being the only suitable players to field, BB was able to take advantage and win. I'm a bit pissed because of this, because this is a game we should've won easily despite our losses.. However, I was having constant ping spikes of 5000+ about 3/4 of the total time between the second and third games played.. making me *completely* useless. I'm actually suprised at how well I did considering this. Anyway, we knew that I was basically fragbait because of my connect, and decided to play on despite my argument against it. Sigh. I just don't really like losing like this. I mean.. if I had a *decent* modem connect of about 300ms ping, and we had lost, I would've taken this loss much better. Although I know that we wouldn't have lost if my connect had been that decent..