CTF2M3 - Gun/Hifi wins 1068 to 6

Gun/Hifi Wins!
1 - 0

Match Info
Respawn CTF Tournament - There's not much I knew about this clan before we had the chance to play them, except that they played mostly QW on the 'net. Also, I knew of Stormalong from his film@1l demo editor program, and Bodybag, someone I actually talked with about doing some ctf levels for a ctf pak once (his level, crown of ares, was pretty cool). Anyway, I guess these guys spent too much time editing and not enough playing quake, hehe. The game was quite a massacre to say the least, but it's cool that the AMMO guys had a lot of class and took it with style. Despite the constant gibs of the AMMO guys flying everywhere on the screen, there were a couple of cool lil' battles here and there. Overall it was still an exciting game.. Well, I guess when it's on a LAN every game seems bit more interesting :). Good game AMMO. Hope to play you guys again someday.